4 Benefits of Choosing Embroidery for Branded Clothing

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Embroidery may seem a little dated in comparison to mass produced digital printed shirts, but it still remains a highly popular choice for custom branded clothing the world over.  Millions of companies choose embroidery for their staff clothing and appeal.  There are many reasons for this, and we shall explore a few of those in this article.

If you are looking for branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, coats etc.. for your business, embroidery may be one of your considerations.

Here’s 4 reasons to go with custom embroidery:


1. It’s are made to last

Embroidered designs retain their quality for several years, over multiple washes.  Custom embroidered clothing has the potential to last a lifetime. Of course, if you only need clothing for a one-off event, then this will not matter, but for established businesses it’s a good investment.


2. Flexibility of fabrics

If you want to brand fabrics like fleeces, caps, thick jackets, embroidery may be for you. It’s also great for polo shirts, aprons, denim, jackets, bags, even socks!  Embroidery works best on thicker fabrics, for instance a very thin t-shirt would not hold the stitches as well as a thicker polo.


3. Elegant look

It can be hard to beat the classic, elegant look of a carefully embroidered logo on the left of a polo shirt for instance.  Embroidered clothing does tend to have a certain level of class and professionalism to it.


4. Limitless style choices

Modern technology has meant that embroidery is now available in almost limitless colors, allowing for completely unique styles.